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Tattoo Prices

All tattoo work is $160.00 per hour.

There is a minimal charge for custom artwork designs that is dependant on the extent of the artwork. We do not charge 160.oo for art work time but set a flat rate per design. Please discuss this with your tattoo artist.

We recommend you contact us in advance to discuss custom art work, or to acquire a price estimate on your tattoo design.
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Piercing Prices

Jewery is included in all prices. (GST not shown)

Navel: $75

Eyebrow/Bridge: $65

Ears lobes: $40

Industrial: $100

Triple forward Helix: $140

Other Ear Cartilage piercings: $65

Nose: $50

Septum: $70

Lip: $70

Snake Bites: $130

Labret: $70

Tongue: $75

Nipple: $65 or $160 for two

Genital: Starting at $100

Microdermal Anchors: $9o Two for $160

Surface anchor removal: $35

Triple Scapha: $140

We do NOT do: venoms, cheeks, surface bars

Please contact the studio for piercing questions.

780 482-5125
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