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Tattoo After Care


Now that you have spent all this money on first-class body art, it is very important to maintain a quality that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. There are about a billion ways to look after a tattoo, and I will not say which way is right or wrong. I will tell you however, we have been using this same technique and recommending it to our clients since about 1985 and it hasn’t let us down yet. So now that you have your brand new tattoo, this is what I recommend you do to make it stay looking great forever

Do not remove the bandage

Do not remove the bandage that we put on your tattoo for exactly 24 hours. This allows that dermal abrasion to begin a healing of new skin. No sneaky peeky. This is very important so all your friends can just piss off and wait to see it.

Wash the bandage off with Pears Soap

Wash the bandage off with Pears Soap or the custom soap we sell at the studio. This will make it easier to clean the area and not introduce perfumes, crappy soap scum etc. to your new tattoo.

Let your tattoo dry naturally

Let your tattoo dry naturally. Don’t use a towel to dry it, as a towel is too abrasive.

Apply Polysporin

Once the tattoo is dry, apply a very small amount of polysporin Cream (or our custom cream) to the tattoo and rub it in till there is no more Polysporin Cream on that tattoo area. Just a little dab will do ya.

Wash the tattoo only once per day

Wash the tattoo only once per day, but you can put cream on it a few times per day. Just make sure you rub it in all the way and don’t use too much. If you have an allergy to Penicillin or sulpha drugs. DON’T USE POLYSPORIN!


This means no sun for a month. I don’t want you to try and cover the tattoo with a cloth when you are in a sun tan bed!!!!! NO means NO!

No hot tubs

NO hot tubs, swimming pools, lakes, ocean or steam baths for at least two weeks

Don’t pick at it

Your new tattoo (if done by us) will likely flake a little. This is normal. Just keep up with the cream and it will heal just fine. If your tattoo is bleeding like crazy, looks terrible and has puss coming out of it, you didn’t get it from us so don’t bitch at me if it looks like shit after!

Final Thoughts

Once your tattoo has healed up well you can resume all the normal things that you would do, just remember:

You have paid good money to get good tattoo work. Don’t waste it by treating your new art work poorly. Keep your tattoo covered with clothes or sun block when you are in the sun. Don’t let your cat scratch you where your tattoo is and if you are a welder, don’t get schleg all over it. I hate fixing up burn marks!

I wish you all the happiness with your new tattoo. If you are happy with it, please tell your friends. If you are not completely satisfied, tell your artist, because he will want the first crack at making you happy.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at Bear’s.

Piercing After Care

Do not touch or play with your new piercing! This can cause infection and unwanted scar formation.

Keep it Clean

Clean your new piercing once a day using a mild glycerin based soap such as Pears – morning is suggested, do not over wash!

Wash your hands first

Rinse the area well, gently working the crusties off with warm water.
Apply cleanser to the piercing cleaning the jewelry thoroughly.
Implement this step only after the piercing is at least 2 weeks old – gently move the jewelry back and forth to work the solution through the piercing.
Rinse well and pat dry with tissue or like disposable paper product.

Use Sea Salt

Sea Salt Soaks will promote healing by increasing blood and air circulation to the wound. Use 1/4tsp. of sea salt mixed into 1 cup of warm distilled water, cup onto the piercing and soak for 3 min. (cotton or gauze pads dipped into the Sea Salt solution may work best for some piercing placements), follow with a warm water rinse and remember stronger is not better. Sea Salt Soaks will speed your heal & increase your comfort throughout the healing process.

Do not use alcohol, peroxide or any petroleum based ointments. These products do not aid the healing process.

Be Patient

Please be patient, some redness, tenderness and swelling along with a clear to yellow discharge/crusties are normal.
Swelling, discoloration, bleeding and bruising can also occur.

Average healing times vary from person to person and piercing to piercing but a minimum of 3 months is recommended before changing initial jewelry. Please contact us – we are happy to assist you with this.

Take Care of Yourself

Consider your overall health when healing your piercing, drink lots of water, eat and sleep well.

Anti-inflammatory products like Ibuprofen can aid in the control of swelling and mild pain relief. (Ex. Advil, Motrin etc.)

If you think you may have an infection contact your piercer or doctor immediately (extreme pain and redness, hardness around the piercing and a thick green/blue discharge). Do not remove jewelry; it will act as a drain

Helpful Hints


Avoid tight clothing during healing. A solid eye patch can be worn under sports clothing to avoid injury.

Ear cartilage & Facial:

Avoid getting hairspray, lotions, make-up etc. in the piercing. Items coming into contact should be clean ex) telephones, pillow cases and hats.


A cotton tank or t?shirt for sleeping is advised.


Sex must be hygienic; use a condom, avoid oral contact and listen to your body.

I wish you all the happiness with your new tattoo. If you are happy with it, please tell your friends. If you are not completely satisfied, tell your artist, because he will want the first crack at making you happy.