Service Industry Appreciation Wednesday

Attention fellow service workers, Bartenders, servers,  Chefs, Line Cooks, and our friends in the Retail and Hospitality Industry. Bring in your last “pay stub” every Wednesday and receive a specially discounted price towards your next tattoo with us. It is our way of saying “Thank you” to those that serve the Citizens of Canada’s finest City,  Edmonton


Want to get 20% off your next tattoo?

Refer your friends to your favorite artist at Bear’s Skin Art and get money toward your next tattoo!  When you come in to get tattooed, pick up referral cards from your artist and give them to all your ink loving friends! When your friends come in for a tattoo, one hour minimum, with your referral card you will receive credit towards your next tattoo!!  Every referral gets you ten bear bucks, and five referrals gets you 20% off your next tattoo.


DEFENSIVE TACTICS ACADEMY  for personal protection.  Ronin Protection Group for information contact  


CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! .. what a perfect time to get your tattoo projects done up so you can show off that new ink next summer.  The best time of year to get tattooed so it is a easy heal, doesn't interfere with your summer fun time is the winter..    If you have a tattoo project in mind come down to discuss and book it with us before our spots fill up!!  Scott and Bear are ready to get under your skin!!  Our piercer  Neese would love to adorn you with some sparkle! stay tuned for some dermal piercing specials!!  


Bear Skin Art in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, is looking for competent Tattoo artists to start immediately. I am looking for someone without any Drug Habits, Attitudes, Negativity or any crazy history. The shop is a custom only studio, so drawing skills need to be proficient, but I will consider all levels of ability. The shop is very busy, but fun and high profile, with no politics and an emphasis on inspiration and art. All applicants please email with sample photos and contact info.  This position is available as a chair rental only.  bring your own gear, ink, etc and clients.

Some gift ideas!


A mild winter so far, yet it brings the thoughts and preparation for the cheerful spirit of  Christmas.  Our regular to do lists become filled with new and exciting things, such as shoveling the snow, building snowmen, and of course getting our Christmas shopping underway!!  So here at Bear’s we decided to help you by suggesting some awesome gifts to give to the naughty and nice on your list this year!!!

For those on your list who like to travel.. or would like to travel, why not get them a scratch map.  It’s a neat way to keep track of where you have been by simply scratching off locations on the map as you visit them!  Click this LINK for more information.

Do you have friends on your list who just need some time together? Well why not get them some tickets to the VIP theater, show at science center or passes for the Muttart Conservatory.  These are all local, fun and thoughtful gifts!

For the ink lover on your list, why not come down to Bear’s and get a gift certificate.  Remember that we have them in any denomination and they are truly a gift that lasts a lifetime!

For the ink lover that is just too little to get inked, why not get them some handmade wooden tattoo machine crayon holders.  No matter how old you are these are just to awesome!! Also temporary tattoos are great for that little one on your list who wants to be like mom and dad.

If you have a music lover who plays guitar on your list why not get them a guitar pick punch?  This handy little punch will make your used up credit cards and other plastic into usable guitar picks!! Makes great stocking stuffer, secret Santa gift, and will never run out of use!!

For the coffee and tea lover on your list, why not get a fun mug they can enjoy when they sit down for their daily dose of caffeine.  This little face mug is cool, coming complete with cookie and biscuit storage!

These are a few suggestions.. and there will be more to come until Christmas!! Happy shopping!


Exciting things to come!

Samuri bear 1

December is here, and we are all busy drawing our hands off while you hustle about, planning staff Christmas parties, family gatherings, Christmas shopping and winter get-awaysl!! Neese, is planning more Piercing specials, Alissa is setting up the Christmas decorations and we are all excited to get you on our tattoo list or January.  We would love to get under your skin.

December  is our month to gear up and look towards the new year as well as reflect on all the things we did this past year.  We fundraised for the Ride for Dad, Santas Anonymous, Food Bank, Wounded Warriors, as well as many other charities,  we attended our first annual Edmonton comic convention  We have sold a ton of stickers, t-shirts, gift cards, and given away about $10,000 worth of free tattoo time to a number of silent auctions in support of the many charity projects going on around our city. We didn’t attend the Calgary art and tattoo convention this year, as we were all too busy.  We have had a few guests artists come and go this year and we have the greatest clients we could possibly ask for.  All it all, it has been a very eventful 2014.  Lots of changes in the studio, lots of changes in the personal lives of our artists and clients and a continued drive to provide everyone with the best art we can do.

We have some guest artists coming to share the space with us and help create some outstanding tattoo art this coming year.  Stay tuned, for 2015 is going to be a spectacular Year at Bear Skin Art.



Get Ornamental with Bear’s

Bear's ornamental tree

Bear’s ornamental tree

It’s time once again to get ornamental with Bear’s Skin Art Tattoo!! We have decorated our tree, filled our basket with candy canes, and our hearts with some good old Tattitude cheer.  And to spread that cheer with you, your friends and family and the Edmonton food bank, we have brought back our ornamental tree, loaded with things for you to enjoy.



We have had some serious issues with our website email since January, 2o14.  It seems our server has not been forwarding emails from the site.  If you have not gotten response from us it’s not because we are assholes, it’s because the website failed to forward them. I am sorry for the inconvenience.  It has now been repaired so emails are being forwarded..


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