Service Industry Appreciation Wednesday

Attention fellow service workers, Bartenders, servers,  Chefs, Line Cooks, and our friends in the Retail and Hospitality Industry. Bring in your last “pay stub” every Wednesday and receive a specially discounted price towards your next tattoo with us. It is our way of saying “Thank you” to those that serve the Citizens of Canada’s finest City,  Edmonton



IT'S finally summer,  and we are all glad it is warming up finally.  If you have a tattoo project in mind come down to discuss and book it with us before our spots fill up!! Chris, Scott, Alissa, Lindsay and Bear are ready to get under your skin!!  Our piercers Michelle and  Neese would love to adorn you with some sparkle! stay tuned for some summer piercing specials!!  

Want to get 20% off your next tattoo?

Refer your friends to your favorite artist at Bear’s Skin Art and get money toward your next tattoo!  When you come in to get tattooed, pick up referral cards from your artist and give them to all your ink loving friends! When your friends come in for a tattoo, one hour minimum, with your referral card you will receive credit towards your next tattoo!!  Every referral gets you ten bear bucks, and five referrals gets you 20% off your next tattoo.


patriot tattoo week 2014

Exciting things to come!

Samuri bear 1

September is here, and we are all busy drawing our hands off while you ship your kids back to school!! Our guest artist Christian is working away, and would love to get under your skin; as well as Our newest member Michelle has joined our piercing team and would love to add some bling!

August is our month to gear up, we are attending our first annual Edmonton comic convention and we are teaming up with D [Red] photography to do so.  We will have t-shirts, artwork, and some awesome deals to look for there, as well as our dashing good looks and conversation.

Not long after we will be hitting the Calgary convention, and may be announcing some new friends that will also be there soon!!

BUT WAIT>>> IT DOES NOT STOP THERE!! October is scary tattoo month, Some SCARY DEALS to come, scary tattoo week, a costume party here at bears… and of course, because we love Halloween so much, a jack o-lantern carving contest as well!!

All this is just the beginning of our year end excitement, stay tuned for more awesome announcements!!

Two for One Piercings in August

Pricing page - peircing

Our Awesome piercing team is helping you finish off your summer, prep  for back to school and add some sparkle to your life with two for one piercings in August!  We have someone here to help you shine Tuesday to Saturday, just ask for Neese or Michelle!!


We have had some serious issues with our website email since January, 2o14.  It seems our server has not been forwarding emails from the site.  If you have not gotten response from us it’s not because we are assholes, it’s because the website failed to forward them. I am sorry for the inconvenience.  It has now been repaired so emails are being forwarded..

Compliments From The Health Officer!

photo (16)

Just recently our Health officer stopped in for a random check here at Bear’s Skin Art.  we thought we would share some of his complements with you!


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