Want to get 20% off your next tattoo?

Refer your friends to your favorite artist at Bear’s Skin Art and get money toward your next tattoo!  When you come in to get tattooed, pick up referral cards from your artist and give them to all your ink loving friends! When your friends come in for a tattoo, one hour minimum, with your referral card you will receive credit towards your next tattoo!!  Every referral gets you ten bear bucks, and five referrals gets you 20% off your next tattoo.


As  things start to cool off up here, we have the wonderful beautiful fall colors and along with that, we get to start planning our own color.. WINTER IS a perfect time to get your tattoo projects done.   If you have a tattoo project in mind come down to discuss and book it with us before our spots fill up!!  Kirt, Preston, Scott,  Bear and Alissa are ready to get under your skin!!  Our piercer  Neese would love to adorn you with some sparkle! stay tuned for some dermal piercing specials!!  


September 12, Saturday is pig roast day.  Call us at 7804825125 to reserve your tickets.  Tickets are $40 each, includes full bbq pork meal, all trimmings  and some great fun and fundraising,


Exciting things to come!

Samuri bear 1

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!    It has been a great beginning to 2015, with the addition of another tattoo artist on our team.  Preston has years of experience and and a great clientele following and adds a certain “east coaster attitude” to the team.  It’s great to have him on board.  We are all busy drawing our hands off with custom tattoo designs for our clients,   Bear is creating more tattoos for clients, Neese, is planning more Piercing specials, Scott is painting and drawing like a mad man, Alissa is working on clients art work  and Preston is adding his touches to some great work.  We are excited about this years tattoo activities, lots to do and lots of fun to  have and we are all excited to get you on our tattoo list.    We would love to get under your skin.

In 2014 We fundraised for the Ride for Dad, Santas Anonymous, Food Bank, Wounded Warriors, as well as many other charities,  we attended our first annual Edmonton comic convention  We have sold a ton of stickers, t-shirts, gift cards, and given away about $30,000 worth of free tattoo time to a number of silent auctions in support of the many charity projects going on around our city. We will be attending some international tattoo conventions this year, as well as the Edmonton and Calgary art and tattoo convention.  We have had a few guests artists come and go this year and we have the greatest clients we could possibly ask for.  All it all, it is shaping up to be a fantastic 2015.  Lots of changes in the studio, lots of changes in the personal lives of our artists and clients and a continued drive to provide everyone with the best art we can do.

We have some guest artists coming to share the space with us and help create some outstanding tattoo art this coming year.  Stay tuned.




We have had some serious issues with our website email since January, 2o14.  It seems our server has not been forwarding emails from the site.  If you have not gotten response from us it’s not because we are assholes, it’s because the website failed to forward them. I am sorry for the inconvenience.  If you do not get a response with in a few days, please, call the studio!  We want to hear from you.


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