Don’t Misjudge me as bitter, understand me as a realist

Don’t misjudge me as bitter. Understand me as a realist. I have seen and experienced the atrocities of humanity and am content in my understanding of the cycle of life/death and I have seen death/life, from both sides and am at peace with that. I can judge from a perspective of experienced, not from a place of ignorance or ego.

I don’t need to follow, I prefer to lead, and have witnessed first hand the shallowness of some people’s commitment to life. Do not expect me to patronize their egos for I will not extend my hand of friendship to those who do not deserve it. You can judge me how you please but I will not change who I am to fit your narrow perspective of who you think I should be. Interested? See More of Bear’s Personal Blog


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This is the first year that everyone that is on my website or my facebook page will have the opportunity to participate in the development of a new charity in support of Military and Contractor veterans suffering from PTSD or TBI buy providing them with service K9’s for assisted living.  We will be posting all… Continue Reading

Honor Integrity Focus Discipline Diligence Compassion

From my perspective, these words are manifested in the lives and actions of a true warrior: Individuals who are prepared and willing to put their lives, hearts, and souls on the line for what they believe in while exemplifying this code in all they do. They are willing to go the distance. Warriors come in… Continue Reading