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Honor Integrity Focus Discipline Diligence Compassion

From my perspective, these words are manifested in the lives and actions of a true warrior: Individuals who are prepared and willing to put their lives, hearts, and souls on the line for what they believe in while exemplifying this code in all they do. They are willing to go the distance.

Warriors come in all sizes and all walks of life:

The young child who is battling the debilitations of cancer; the senior citizen who daily, struggles through the consequent pains of a hard life lived; the soldier who comes home to little understanding or gratitude from those he fought for, who carries the scares and sleep with the demons from every fought battle and every brother he has lost in battles long gone; the fighter who sweats and bleeds his way to the top of his class, battling his own weaknesses and limitations as he is his greatest opponent; the average parents, who struggle through the dynamics of raising children who will some day embrace these same words and live their lives by this code.

There are those who profess to be at the top of this warrior class. Who exemplify themselves with verbose descriptions of their achievements, talking in great length of all they have done and contributed to the better of mankind. They constantly elevate themselves above the rest of society, claiming superiority, never recognizing the achievements of those beside them, constantly criticizing and belittling. They will never admit they have ridden on the backs of those around them to achieve their own goals, eventually falling into the patters of those they have ridiculed and despise the most. These people are not warriors, will never be warriors as they can not, and will not ever possess the skills or sincerity to embrace the warrior code.

I wish them well in their own demise. “Step out of the way of the true warriors, as you will find yourself among those far superior to you. May they have kindness, pity and compassion for you.”